Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas! once again I have not been posting for ages, but I've decided to do a little something for this holiday - The Classic Yule Log/Log Cake. I was too lazy to make this from scratch, so I bought a sponge cake mix from a local bakery. It's not the branded kind, but literally all the dry ingredients measured out and put into a bag, and the recipe attached. I guess its healthier, and still tastes the same, but you can always make one from scratch or use your own mix. This was my first time making this, and I found that there were two ways you could roll the cake: Rolling the cake without the filling when its warm then leaving it to cool, then to unroll and put the filling in or putting the filling in straight away and rolling it up. I guess either way is fine, but I used the first way.

Most recipes I saw used a tea towel, which I did but if you have some trouble finding a clean one like I did (I managed to find one in the end) You can always use baking paper.  I wasn't very smart either and filled the tin a tad too full, and so obviously the cake rose..and was too thick. This causes it to crack when its being rolled. I covered it up real nice in chocolate buttercream (the link to the recipe down below) so if that does happen you can always do that. The sticky out bit where the 'Merry Christmas' bit wasn't meant to happen but it cracked to my sister and I shoved the cake to the side so it was even at the back and made a sort of bench (?) to stick the plastic stuff on.

NOTE: Before baking your sponge cake, grease your tin, and then line it with baking paper - the greasing helps the baking paper stick to the tin (this is so that once you take your cake out of the oven you just need to pull the baking paper to get the cake out and not risk having the cake stick...)

NOTE: Your cake has to be thin in order for it to roll well.

- A Sponge Cake (warm from the oven)
- A tea towel OR a sheet of baking paper bigger than your cake (1cm around the edge at least)
- Icing Sugar
- Knife
- Filling (Jam, Buttercream - anything)


1) Dust your tea towel with icing sugar.
2) Flip the cake onto the tea towel (make sure its near the edge so it'll be easier to roll) and peel of the baking paper
3) Sprinkle with icing sugar
4) Score a line about an inch away from the edge of the cake (makes it easier to roll)
5) Roll the cake with the tea towel keeping it tight but being careful not to crack it
6) Leave the cake on a wire rack to cool for about 10 minutes
- You can make the chocolate buttercream while waiting.

7) Unroll the cake and spread your filling on to the cake but being careful to leave a 1 inch border around the cake (so the filling won't leak out when you roll it back up)
8) Reroll the cake
9) Coat in icing
10) To make it look like a log, take a fork and make different waves along the cake :)
11) Decorate with plastic decorations or white icing as snow or dust with icing sugar

Aaaannnnd, ENJOY!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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